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Debt Placement 

Clients retain us on an exclusive basis to represent their financing request to the capital markets. We employ a methodology through which we clarify client needs, underwrite property economics to pinpoint potential loan amounts, terms and mitigation of lender risk, identify financing alternatives, and define an optimal financing strategy. By matching underwriting criteria and borrower objectives with lenders whose current financing programs best match the request, we lead our clients to the most competitive capital available. We proactively manage the financing process at every step of the transaction. Our services include preparation of the offering materials, submission to the capital markets, negotiation of financing proposals, coordination of the due diligence, securing bids for (and sometimes ordering) third party reports, reviewing and commenting on loan documents and spearheading the entire closing process. We enable clients to maximize the value of their real estate holdings with a sound financing solution backed by market-smart capital.

• Bridge Financing

• Construction

• Floating-Rate

• Permanent/Fixed Rate financing